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Education and Training

About us

Mission statement
The UK Paediatric Vaccine Group (UKPVG) is an independent network of research institutions, which through collaboration aims to further education, training and high quality research in the field of paediatric vaccines.
For many years a number of UK centres have been involved in paediatric vaccine research of national and international significance. In 2001 a meeting was held at Jesus College, Oxford in which representatives from these centres came together to discuss how communication and collaboration between groups could be strengthened. Out of this meeting came the concept of the UKPVG. At subsequent meetings the groups have shared their data and experiences in this field, discussed common problems and proposed collaborative work and studies.

The UKPVG is composed of a scientifically independent network of university and governmental research institutions across the UK with multidisciplinary expertise in conducting microbiologic and immunologic research, pre- and post-licensure clinical vaccine trials, post-licensure surveillance and epidemiological studies. Scientists, research nurses and clinicians all participate and contribute to the work of the group.

It is the aim of the UKPVG group to make a national and international impact on public health by sharing and joining the expertise of the individual centres. Through a collaborative effort it is envisaged that education and training of personnel may be enhanced, resources might be shared and that high quality studies may be conducted. Collaborative studies conducted through UKPVG may be particularly useful in yielding larger sample sizes over shorter periods of time, especially when dealing with rare conditions.
A. Communication
To promote communication between professionals from participating centers.

B. Collaboration
To promote collaboration between professionals from participating centers.

C. Education and training
To promote education and training in paediatric vaccinology and associated academic and clinical fields.

D. Research
To promote high quality research in the field of pediatric vaccinology with particular focus on multicenter activities.
Principles of the UKPVG
  • To serve the needs of the community concerned with childhood immunization (altruism).
  • To work together effectively by promoting good internal and external communications through open decision making and teamwork (collaboration).
  • To promote participation of centers across the UK (openness).
  • To keep the UKPVG scientifically independent (independence).
  • To involve people of different skills and backgrounds, in order to benefit and build upon their contributions (multidisciplinary approach).
  • To minimize bias by adhering to a strict scientific approach, ensuring broad participation, and avoiding conflicts of interest (generalizability).
  • To provide quality information by being open and responsive to criticism (responsiveness).
  • To maintain continuity of collaborative efforts and key functions (continuity).
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